Standing up for the Constitution.

iCaucus Endorsed for Vice Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party

Third Award

2010 NC House
2012 NC Senate


I am honored to once again receive the endorsement of the North Carolina Independence Caucus.

The principled and Constitutional patriots at the Independence Caucus have recently vetted several of the candidates for Vice Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party.

The Independence Caucus, of iCaucus is an organization that carefully vets a candidate's ethics, principles, fiscal responsibility, and above all, Constitutional compliance. The scores are taken and then an interview process is began, that can last an hour and a half or longer. These interviews are placed online and all of the members of iCaucus are able to participate in the voting.

I was honored to go through a rigorous testing and interview process and receive 76% of the vote. I will always put the Constitution first, and the Constitution can be our rallying cry to a truly united America again.

I also want to congratulate my good friend Jack Brosch for winning the 2013iCaucus endorsement for North Carolina Republican Party Chairman with 71.1% of the vote!

Honoring the Oath

Ladies and gentlemen of the General Assembly, we, the people of North Carolina have gathered here to remind ourselves to honor the oaths we have sworn, and and to implore all the good people of North Carolina to come together and helprestore the Constitutional order.

Constitutionalist Alliance, January 9th 2013 Opening Day on Halifax Mall

Party growth on Republican principles for generations to come.

Announcing for Vice Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party:

Glen Bradley is now accepting local donations to campaign for Republican Party office.

Who is Glen Bradley?

Glen Bradley End The Fed Charlotte 2012

Glen Bradley speaking at End The Fed Charlotte Spring of 2012


Glen Bradley has just completed his first term in the North Carolina State House of Representatives, he is a former candidate for the North Carolina State Senate, a former Franklin County Republican Party 1st Vice Chairman, volunteer for Ron Paul 2008 and 2012 Presidential Campaigns (Delegate to the 2012 RNC), a former US Marine, Cadet Deputy Commander of his High School AFJROTC, and Civil Air Patrol Cadet.

Defending your right to keep and bear arms:

To all who now hold office in the Great State of North Carolina, the people of North Carolina implore you to uphold and defend the right of the people to keep and bear arms:

Grassroots North Carolina, February 5th 2013 Rally on Halifax Mall