Ohmega.comm, inc.
Gourmet Data, Media, Communications, and Automation
Welcome to the 21st century.
Ohmega.comm, inc. is the final word in advanced communications.  We are your one-stop shop for equipment and services covering home and business Data, Media, Communications, and Automation needs.
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Ohmega.comm, inc
144 Ridgewood Road
Youngsville, NC  27596
Our services cover both home and commercial, and include:
  1. Wireless and wired networking
  2. Database installation, development, and implementation
  3. Network Infrastructure Development
  4. Network Administration and Development
  5. Home and commercial wiring packages
  1. Home Entertainment
  2. HDMI Switching and Zoning
  3. Audio and Acoustical Development
  4. Speaker and Systems Installations
  5. Theater Setups
  6. Online-On-demand setup for all DVD’s CD’s and Tape Media
  7. Commercial Communications and Training Setups
  1. Home intercoms and extracoms
  2. Home and commercial digital telephone consultation and outsourcing
  3. Voice over IP setup, networking, control, and customization
  4. Wireless, and the integration of other analog and digital systems
  1. Equipment and Services
  2. Ranging from setup and install of existing architectures
  3. To fully customized Smart Home technology